The Temptation of Cheap Hardwood Floors


Hardwood floors can add a nice touch to your home without breaking the bank. 





















Hardwood flooring is beautiful and can compliment every area in a home.  When deciding to purchase new flooring be very careful if you make a decision to purchase cheap hardwood floors.  There are various types of wood floors on today's retail markets.  As with all wood surfaces upkeep should be a priority.  Keep in mind wood flooring can last a lifetime if properly kept up.  Even cheap wood floors can last a long time if properly taken care of. Read up on how to buy hardwood floors from other sources before making a decision.


Cheap hardwood floors, not unlike the more expensive brands, come in different models.  Installation methods vary from nailing down, staple down, floating as well as glue down.  For most first-time installer’s glue down types are probably your best option.  The other methods are best left to professionals, errors can be costly in materials and damage if not correctly performed.


As mentioned in other articles, be sure to do your homework and make absolutely certain you can live with the flooring you choose for a long time.  Check all stores and home centers to compare quality and prices before making a final decision.



Personally, I would recommend going for quality over saving some money.  It is not uncommon for good-quality flooring to last a lifetime, unlike cheap hardwood floors which are good to last 20 to 30 years.  Not only will a good-quality floor last a long time, it will increase the value of your home and be easier to sell if you decide to move.


Whatever your decision for flooring, be sure to have all supplies ready when installing the floor.  Constant interruptions due to lack of supplies can be rather irritating and cost precious time in getting the flooring project completed.  Again, give a lot of thought whether or not you want to install cheap hardwood floors over good-quality flooring.  Ultimately, you have to live with the decision.  Make sure it's one you'll be happy with.






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