Why is Scrapbooking So Popular?


While photo albums allow individuals to flip between middle school graduation flicks to wedding memories, more and more people are exploring the increasingly popular activity of scrapbooking. Combining the beauty of the written word with the visual pleasure of photographs, scrapbookers also use printed media and other memorabilia to create decorative albums to share with family and friends. Many equate the art of the activity with storytelling, yet visual elements replace oral means of communication.

Brief History

When scrapbooking first began to take shape, the practice utilized personal collections and journaling. For example, a playbill would have found its way into a scrapbook. Some of the earliest known individuals throughout history to engage in the activity included the likes of former president, Thomas Jefferson and author, Mark Twain. Ever since the invention of the photo, people created scrapbooks. They would include letters from family and friends, newspaper clippings, and add notations of who was in a photo and where the photo was taken.

Today, creative displays, borders, text, stickers, stamps, and other items are included, often displayed in 3-ring binders with protective sheet inserts. Scrapbooking has truly become an art form, a hobby, and a passion that has captured the attention of all ages.

Common Materials

To enter the world of scrapbooking, you will need to get a hold of a few basic materials. For starters, one of the most important things to have by your side is the album; without one, there is no book. Some people can choose a permanently bound selection or opt for one that allows the insertion of pages. Other options may include mini-albums or selections that fold out to reveal pages. The most commonly sized scrapbook offers pages that measure 12"×12" or 8½×11". Over the years, smaller selections have become quite popular.

As for scrapbooking materials, you may select from an infinite amount of choices. Background papers spice up the color behind pasted photos, while additional decorations includes the use of stamps, rub-ons, alphabet letters, ribbon, and heat embossing. Photo corner mounts will hold pictures in place, but sticky dots and glue sticks are also frequent choices. Additional materials and tools include ink pens, stencils, and markers.

When putting together a scrapbook, you should know that materials containing acid will cause damage to your photos and other memories. As you seek out products for your scrapbooking adventures, make sure they are "acid-free."

Why So Popular?

Scrapbooking has become a popular activity that even sparks the development of groups and clubs centered on the act that gather to enjoy a nice afternoon sharing photos and their latest projects. The hobby is creative enough to keep the attention of the younger generation, while older individuals find it a very relaxing activity, especially during retirement.

The process gives people the chance to relive their happy, family moments as they create a book of memories that could very well turn out to be the next family heirloom. Through scrapbooking, a visual family history comes to life with the colorful photos, witty notations, and glimpses of the past, that have the power to educate and enlighten many generations to come.