Radiant Energy Barrier


Radiant Energy Barrier – Saving More Than Money

One of the surprise hits of last year in the movie world was 'An Inconvenient Truth', featuring former Vice-President Al Gore. A wake-up call to everyone who thought global warming didn't affect them, it made everyone look at how they use and conserve energy, especially in their homes. After all, stopping energy waste in your home not only helps the environment but saves you money, too. One of the ways to do this is with a radiant energy barrier.

It's not just in the home that these savings can be made. Offices and workplaces can benefit greatly when an energy-saving device such as a radiant barrier is installed. Since it's a fairly simple piece of equipment to install, it's relatively inexpensive as well, and the savings made on your utility bills will more than pay for the cost of installing one. Indeed, on average, a property that has such a barrier can expect to save up to 30% of their energy costs.

The reason for this is that not only does a radiant energy barrier stop heat escaping during the winter, but it also reduces the amount of heat that's normally gained during the summer too. The benefit of this is that you don't need to use your air-conditioning system as heavily as you normally would, therefore keeping the bills down. The way that this system works is so straightforward, you wonder why it's taken so long to become popular.

At its simplest, a radiant energy barrier is a sheet of material made out of aluminum foil. There are many uses for it, and they're not limited to just the interior of your home. If you have a garage for instance, lining the back of the doors will prevent heat from turning your garage into a mini-oven during the summer. It's also an excellent alternative to spray foam or blanket insulation of boilers and pipes.

The cost of actually purchasing and installing this energy-saving device is a lot less than you may expect. Whereas central heating systems can be extremely expensive, the average price for a 500 square foot roll of the foil that makes up a radiant energy barrier is only $70.00. Since you can easily install the system yourself, the costs are reduced even further, although should you be revamping your whole home with it, you may wish to employ experts.

With even complete states in America now making it mandatory for these devices to be fitted into new homes, with two of the most prominent areas involved in this scheme being Florida and California, it's a sure sign that this is no fad or latest technology buzzword. With proven results in helping to combat global warming, multi-uses in both residential and industrial areas and extensive savings to your household bills, there really is no argument or reason to delay in installing a radiant energy barrier system in your own property.