Kitchen Doors


When you are deciding to upgrade or completely remodel your kitchen, you might consider only upgrading or changing your kitchen doors. If your cabinet boxes are in good shape, this is a less expensive alternative to a complete overhaul and will have just as a dramatic effect. There are many types to choose from and there is a type for every budget.

 The best place to purchase kitchen doors is through a cabinet shop. They will have many types to choose from. They also give you the option of just purchasing the doors without the cabinets. They will also sell you the things you will need to complete your transformation like hinges, and hardware.  Take your current measurements with you to get an accurate price.

 If you are on a tight budget, you can purchase a melamine kitchen door. These doors are flat without any details on the face. They are offered in a variety of colors with the most common being white, antique white, and Sanibel maple. This type of kitchen door can be used for various reasons. If you want a very clean contemporary look this is a good choice. Some use this style for rentals because they are relatively inexpensive and easy to clean and maintain.

 Thermo foil kitchen doors are also very nice. They are offered with a few different face designs. You can get them in a raised panel door with a few different types like cathedral arches or a cottage style. They are made out of MDF (medium density fiber board) and covered in a vinyl. It is offered in many colors ranging from the basics to more unique colors like knotty pine, or stainless steel coloring. They are easy to take care of and clean up with a mild soap and water.

 A lot of people love wood doors. They add warmth to your kitchen and the varieties are unlimited. First chose the species of wood for your kitchen doors. It really depends on what you like and what kind of finish you are looking for. For instance, oak has a course grain and will take a stain very deeply and not evenly. Maple on the other hand is a light grain and takes a stain more evenly. Remember when you purchase wood doors that wood is a natural product and the grain will vary from door to door. With wood doors you will have the option to use different finishes. They can range from just a stain finish or something more elaborate like glazing, or antiquing.
 Along with new kitchen doors, the other thing that will make a dramatic difference in your kitchen is the hardware you choose for them. Think of the hardware as the “jewelry” for your new kitchen doors. The correct selection of hardware will just “set off” your doors perfectly.

 So there are other more cost efficient way to change your kitchen. Consider just upgrading your kitchen doors, it will give your kitchen a completely new, updated look.