Garden Lawns

The Trick to Garden Lawns











Many people do not think twice about their lawn.  It's just grass to them, but in reality the best approach for a lawn that looks good but does not require constant care is to think of it as a garden lawn. 
Garden lawns are basically healthy, good looking lawns that are taken care of but not obsessed over.  The key to garden lawns is to prepare it in the spring and fall, catch problems early and keep up on routine maintenance.  In the end a person that maintains their lawn will spend less time on it than someone who does not.


Spring is when everything starts to grow and bloom.  It is when people ordinarily begin planting gardens.  This is the best time to establish a lawn for the year.  If the lawn is damaged with bare spots then some replanting will need to be done.  The bare spots should be prepared by removing weeds and planting new seeds.  It is also important to fertilize the whole lawn.  Fertilizing keeps the grass green and thick.  A thick lawn will not brown and will be able to maintain a healthy look all season.  It will also keep weeds from growing.  Another thing a person should do is to edge the lawn.  A edging tool, it looks like a shovel with a flat curved head, is used to keep the grass from growing into unwanted areas.  The edging tool is used to go around the perimeter of the lawn and cuts down into it creating a severed edge.  Once the lawn is prepared a person needs to maintain the garden lawn they have started.


Maintaining the lawn watching for problems.  Weeds are a big problem.  If a person sees weeds in their lawn they should try to isolate them and destroy them before they have a chance to spread throughout the whole lawn.  Pulling the weeds out will work with small patches, but larger areas should be treated with weed killer.  Another common problem is dying grass due to people walking on it.  Stones or other pathways should be made to keep grass from dying.  Moss is another lawn problem that can ruin a good looking, healthy lawn.  Moss forms when the lawn is too damp.  This can be remedied by aerating the area by poking holes into the lawn.  Problems like these can be easily fixed if caught early.

The next part of keeping a garden lawn is mowing.  Mowing is not just keeping the grass short.  Mowing is an important part of keeping the grass healthy.  The grass should be mowed to about one inch in height.  This length helps the sun and rain get in, but protects the grass from damage as well.  Mowing is also key during dry spells.  When there is not enough rain the grass should be left a little higher than one inch so the roots are protected from the heat.  Many people water the lawn in this situation, but that can cause additional problems.  Simply managing mowing will take care of the lawns needs.


Having a beautiful and healthy lawn is not as difficult as many people think.  All it takes is for the person to look at it, not as grass, but as a garden lawn.  They should take care of it as they would a garden, by removing weeds, fertilizing and keeping it cut.  A garden lawn is something everyone can have with just a little work.