French Doors

When looking to renovate and revitalize your home, one avenue that you should consider is the addition of French doors.  They can add a touch of class to an older home or give a newer home a stately elegance.  There are many advantages that come with this renovation choice.

French doors, also known as French windows, are defined as doors with multiple windows in the full length of the door.  Inside this simple definition, there are many different variations and subtleties, enough variety to suit every home.  Wooden doors take a great deal of abuse and strain, and a well-made French door can last for years.  A door acts as the first impression a visitor of a visit to your home, shouldn't it be a memorable one?

French doors come in a number of different sizes and the configuration of the glass panels can vary widely.  These home additions can often times be custom made to produce a look that complements your home. 

The most obvious area that can be modified in a French door is, of course, the glass.  The most common configuration of glass is two vertical rows of three to six panes.  This design has an elegant simplicity that opens up a room.  Another common configuration are two long panes of glass running the length of the door, divided by a strip of wood.  This can create the illusion of increased height to the room. 

At the other end of the spectrum are the French doors which actually contain panels of stained glass.  This creates a striking effect when the sun streams through the glass and creates patterns of gently-colored light in the room.  Stained glass windows and doors were quite popular during the Art Nouveu at the turn of the twentieth century.  If you are so inclined, it is still possible to purchase these breathtakingly beautiful antiques and have them installed in your home.  This is also where the customizable nature of French doors comes into play.  With some communication between artisans, you can design a stained glass pane that suits your home perfectly, whether you're hoping for cathedral-like elegance or homey simplicity.

To really open up a space, you might consider two French doors that open inwards in opposite directions.  In this scenario, you add twice as much light to the inside as well as providing a lovely framing device for the area beyond.  This is an especially striking effect if you have a garden or patio in your back yard.  Having a small patio table adjacent to the French doors can create an open area that seems like an addition to your house.

The most obvious advantage that French doors have over solid ones is their transparency.  French doors can let a flood of light enter a room, alleviating winter gloom and brightening up previously dull spaces.  When it comes to placement, be aware of what the door is looking at and what shade will be affecting it.

In adding a touch of class and elegance to a home, French doors are one place where the homeowner can really leave a mark.