Bedding: The Answer to a Productive Day.


With sleep taking up almost a third of your day every day, the choice of bedding you make is an important one. Pick the wrong mattress for your shape or natural body posture, and you'll be feeling the effects almost immediately, resulting in a fitful sleep that will ensure that the proper amount of rest needed isn't being met. And although the expense of a good bed can put many people off, it is worth the extra cost, although there are a few cheaper alternatives as well.

One of the most popular styles of bedding at the moment is the Tempur-Pedic range, which is made of specially designed foam called viscoelastic. This type of bedding has become really popular over the last couple of years especially, with both chiropractors and medical experts praising their benefits. Using a technology that allows the foam to warp around your specific body shape, it supports your legs and waist while letting your shoulders and hip area to mould into the bed, for ultimate posture results. The prices for this type of bedding average around $1,700, so are not the cheapest option.

For those who want to experience a good night's sleep but don't quite have the necessary amount to purchase one of the Tempur-Pedic beds, there are some less expensive alternatives. One of the cheapest yet still effective kinds of bedding in the lower price range is the Simmons Deep Sleep range. Although this doesn't quite have the same amount of features as a higher priced bed, it still has the more than acceptable option of double tempered gauge coils. This will allow support to your body, although not in the same way as a mattress that has pocket coils for instance. You can expect to pay between $350 to $750 dollars, depending on what size of bed you go for.

If you're a slightly heavier person, then it's that little bit more difficult to find a mattress that suits. Unfortunately, most companies manufacture for the stereotypical adult shape, although everyone knows that body shapes and mass is different for everyone. In this instance, you could look at the Sealy Posturepedic bedding range. From as little as $450, this mattress is made of heavy steel coils that are joined together via a hinge method. This ensures that the mattress is stable and keeps its shape, ideal for the larger frame. Even the most expensive model is only $1,300 and is a good option to consider.

There are other options available to you. Some people swear by a water bed, claiming that the softness and rolling movement eases you to sleep, while others prefer an air mattress, which replaces the springs with air chambers instead. Whatever your preference, there are certainly enough choices available to get the right mattress for you, and a visit to your local bedding store will allow you to try before you buy.